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Ramayan serial broadcast on Doordarshan channel in 1997-88. This serial has a total of 78 episodes, and on this page, you will find links of YouTube videos of these episodes. The links of videos we have given are in English Subtitles.

Uttar Ramayan All Episodes

In July 1988, after the ending of Ramayan serial, a follow-up series Luv Kush based on the last chapter of Ramayana Uttara Kanda aired from 1988 to 1989 on DD National.

It is also known as Uttar Ramayan, featuring mostly the same cast and production crew.

Ramanand Sagar’s Uttar Ramayan has a total of 39 episodes. In the link below, you will find the way to watch Uttar Ramayn’s all episodes.


The Ramayan serial of Ramanand Sagar was very popular in the Indian public. You can guess this by the fact that a person who has access to Tv, leaving all his work and stopping to see this serial. Many people used to go to their neighbors’ homes, and in many places, many people gathered to watch it — buses and trucks used to stop during the telecast of this serial.

World record

At the time it aired, Ramayan quickly rose to become the most popular program in the history of Indian television, a title it held until B. R. Chopra’s Mahabharat aired, which was after the end of Ramayan’s original run. Subsequently, through re-runs and video productions, Ramayan regained popularity and was listed in the Limca Book of Records as the world’s “most viewed mythological serial” until June 2003

Cast of The Ramayan Serial

Actor/Actress Role
Arun Govil Ram
Deepika Chikhalia Sita
Sunil Lahri Lakshman
Sanjay Jog Bharat
Sameer Rajda Shatrughna
Dara Singh Hanuman
Bal Dhuri Dashratha
Jayshree Gadkar Kaushalya
Rajni Bala Sumitra
Padma Khanna Kaikeyi
Lalita Pawar Manthara
Sulakshana Khatri Mandavi
Anjali Vyas Urmila
Poonam Shetty Shrutakirti
Arvind Trivedi Ravana / Sage Vishrava
Vijay Arora Indrajit
Nalin Dave Kumbhakarna
Mukesh Rawal Vibhishana
Aparajita Bhooshan Mandodari
Mulraj Rajda Janak
Urmila Bhatt Sunaina
Chandrashekhar Sumanta
Shyamsundar Kaalaani Sugriva / Vali
Vijay Kavish Shiva / Valmiki
Murari Lal Gupta Akampana
Ramesh Goyal Maricha
Rajshekhar Jambavan
Bashir Khan Angada / Prahasta
Bandini Mishra Parvati
Sudhir Dalvi Vasishta
Anita Kashyap Trijata
Shrikant Soni Vishwamitra

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